Supply and Installation of Artificial Grass

We Supply and Install UV Rated, Fire Rated, High Simulation Artificial Grass on Amazing Prices!

Our Materials

Tuft: Polyethylene + Polypropylene
Dtex: 9000/Sqm±5%
Pile height: 45mm ±5%

Product Info

Roll Widths: 2.00m
Roll Length:25.00m
Stretched film +PP film
Warranty: 2-5 Years


High simulation,
Natural, UV Rated,
Fire Retardant, Durable
Bi and Tri-color

Supply and Installation of Artificial Grass

We supply and install artificial turf on amazing prices. Our service includes supply and installation with adhesive (glue) materials, nails (if need be), seem tapes. We provide sub-base preparation services as well (if required, charges apply). Sub-base preparation is done with black sand, cement, soil filing and sometimes compaction.

Service Details

Our service includes leveling, compacting and the field preparation as well as all other related materials (glue, road base, stitching, joining tapes etc).

Our grass has drainage wholes to drain the water in case of rain or washing with water.


Water Wholes

This artificial turf has 2 layers black backing so it is durable.

Grass Backing

2 Layers

Test Results:
Permanence against UV Rays: W.O.M testing 8,000 hours in accordance with DIN53387
Fastness of the color: Blue scale (1-8)>7 In accordance with DIN54004
Fire Resistance: Resists fire in radius of 10cm from initial (1-2 cm) fire start spot.

Turf characteristics:
Composition: Polyethylene + Polypropylene
Structure: Mono Mixed Grass
Yarn Count: PE + PP 9000
Dtex: 9600/Sqm±5%
Pile height: 45mm ±5%
Tuft withdrawal force: ≧35Newton
2050g/sqm ±10%

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(square meters is length x width in meters)


Sub-base (surface) preparation charges apply if not ready


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